Steering Committee

Once upon a time, there was a bunch of people who had only one thing in common: A burning desire to bring the youth of the country together to get their views on how the internet should look like in the coming years. Because of that, the Y-IGF steering committee was born!

All of us are from drastically different backgrounds, but the one thing that brought us together was the need to hear from all of you! We want to be able to provide a platform that is safe and enthusiastic so you guys can voice the brilliant ideas and insights you never had the opportunity to speak out loud before!

We recognised the absolutely limitless potential for innovation and creativity that the youth community have, and we thought that it would be a waste if there wasn’t a place where all that potential could come together and provide Malaysia with creative ideas and new perspectives about the digital era!

The steering committee functions mainly to drive the event and make sure all the voices in the event are represented equally and holistically between different youth groups within different types of communities.