IGFY 2019

The Y-IGF is the largest open platform for youths around the country to come together in a multistakeholder, open and inclusive way in order to discuss important issues to the type of internet Malaysians will be living in, in the next decade or so. 

Essentially, the platform brings together the various youth voices from across the nation in order to engage them in how we want our internet to look like, and to talk about issues that resonate with you as Malaysian youth.

Countries that dominate the 21st century digital-technology world have already made efforts to engage with the international community by having their own IGFs initiatives, such as China, Hong Kong, Germany, South Korea, and Europe.

The 2019 Y-IGF will be Malaysia’s very first time participating in the platform, allowing the Malaysian youth population to bring in their views and opinions about the digital world onto the international community!

Our concept note is attached below!